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Events We Attend and/or Sponsor


I am hosting an event in my area, does Tykables sponsor/co-sponsor events?

We love helping events grow and connect our community together. We only sponsor events that are open to the public and do not have limits to attendance by exclusion of race, age, sexual orientation, or other minority. Please send us a ticket with som

Do you host in-store parties?

Yes! From time to time we host in-store events and sales at our Chicagoland location. Information about upcoming events are posted through our newsletter and throughout our social media.

What events do you host/sponsor?

We love to attend, host, or sponsor community events! Below is a list of events that we currently sponsor, attend, or host. You can find out more information HERE. - Chicago Age Players Convention (CAPCon) - Chicagoland area. - Diaper Active - Bullet